Petit Yogi Kinderyoga

Why teach Yoga to children?

I want to give children all the tools to grow up as healthy adults.
Yoga teaches us to listen to our inner self, to regulate our emotions and to take care of ourselves and our community. Through Yoga, children learn to love themselves for who they are, gain self-confidence, develop their own personalities and still function in harmony and respect with others.

I teach Yoga, mindfulness and meditation in a playful way.
The yoga class is a safe space, no competition, no worries, no stress.
Only attention, fun, cooperation and freedom to be yourself.

What Is Mindfulness, and Why Do Kids Need It?

From our earliest moments, mindfulness can help minimize anxiety and increase happiness. How It Helps ? Adversity comes at us from the moment we are born. Infants get hungry and tired. Toddlers grapple with language and self-control. And as children develop through adolescence to become teenagers, life grows ever more complicated. Developing relationships, navigating school and exercising independence — the very stuff of growing up — naturally creates stressful situations for every child. At each developmental stage, mindfulness can be a useful tool for decreasing anxiety and promoting happiness. Mindfulness — a simple technique that emphasizes paying attention to the present moment in an accepting, nonjudgmental manner — has emerged as a popular mainstream practice in recent decades. It is being taught to executives at corporations, athletes in the locker room, and increasingly, to children both at home and in school.Early Habits:Children are uniquely suited to benefit from mindfulness practice. Habits formed early in life will inform behaviors in adulthood, and with mindfulness, we have the opportunity to give our children the habit of being peaceful, kind and accepting.

Mindfulness is a part of all my yoga classes for children.

Children are welcomed anytime for a try out lesson, classes are taught in Dutch. Private lessons in English or French are available on demand.

Don’t hesitate to contact me.