I’ve always been a pretty stressed person and the year 2020 hasn’t helped my stress level at all…. 3rd pregnancy, the loss of my father and the diagnosis of my mother’s cancer, not to mention the Corona virus pandemic… I decided to put an end to this circle of stress for myself and for the little being in my belly! So I turned quite naturally to Anna and her yoga sessions, yoga Nidra, meditations ….. that changed my life literally, I see life in a different way and I accept things as they all come , breathing in and out and relaxing. I am a few weeks away from giving birth and I have never been so confident and what a great gift to spend a relaxed and joyful pregnancy . I cannot thank Anna enough for welcoming me and guiding me through this new adventure of relaxation and mindfulness!
I wish all pregnant women to feel this inner peace!

Charlotte, Breda . Feb 2021